Friday, January 25, 2008

The Clearing

An 18 x 24 gessoed panel is the support for this piece. I am inspired by the misty clouds over upcountry Maui on way way down the mountain late this afternoon. The clouds seem to dance along the landscape as though flirting with the trees. Can I paint this, I wonder? I use this as an exploration for larger pieces to come. I give up the small filberts I am used to using for large flats.
I work staedily,wet into wet and allow the paint to call out my next move.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Getting Looser

I pick up a long panel that has a gessoed surface. I have the idea that I want to capture the windy sky that is blowing outside across the cane fields. The sky is dark and moody, yet the fields hold a tint of color. An occasional tree dots the horizon.
I use the gessoed surface to my advantage and the brush strokes stay fluid and loose. This is how I want them to be. Not too much literal information, but more the suggestions of what I see. The result is, "Portal."